The challenges of manufacturing micro-apartments

The challenges of manufacturing micro-apartments

The challenges of manufacturing micro-apartments

Modular construction is a technique in which we create complex structures from prefabricated modules. Usually, it’s a challenge to combine several modules into one complete apartment or a building. In the case of micro-apartments though, we can fit a whole apartment into a single module.

A new micro-apartment building in Järfälla, Sweden

Designing micro-apartments is a task that challenges our ability to create functional and cost-effective solutions. It’s also a challenge to combine a large number of independent units to function as a whole.

Today we are staring at a challenge to create an apartment building that consists of 92 apartments, each one of them a 24 square metre unit. In addition to the apartments we will design all of the features that combine the building into a whole: central ventilation, central heating etc.

We will manufacture the project in collaboration with a very experienced general contractor Gärahovs Bygg AB to residential and commercial real estate managing group Caracol Fastighets AB.

Microapartments – the favourites of real estate investors

Microapartments are generally some of the cheapest ones on the market and that makes them an attractive prospect for real estate developers – both the ones that are starting out but also experienced ones. If you have any interest in real estate, then it’s a great starting point, suitable for both short term and long term rentals.

But for manufacturers and developers they provide a pleasant challenge: how do you fit all the essentials of a cosy and comfortable home onto such a small area? The answer is clever design.

How to maximize a small space?

In its essence, micro-apartment is a compromise. Every piece of furniture needs to be compact or serve several purposes. This has had the creative juices of designers flowing and during the last couple on years, furniture designers have come up with plenty on smart pieces that are multifunctional or amazingly compact when put away.

For the designers though it’s all about the room plan and logistics. We have to figure out what is the most logical and comfortable spot for every feature so that the habitants wouldn’t miss anything that they would have had in a bigger apartment.

Knowledge about the target client and close collaboration with the customer help us overcome these hurdles to create well-appointed living areas.

High quality and punctuality on construction guidelines

Although micro-apartments push us to find new solutions, everything needs to be in accordance with local construction laws and fire safety guidelines. That’s why we have implemented ISO process management standards and strict quality control, that also help us achieve trouble free handovers.

Interested in micro apartments or other modular buildings? Let’s discuss your next project and bring it to life!

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