The Svedjaren modular apartment building project has been completed

The Svedjaren modular apartment building project has been completed

The Svedjaren modular apartment building project has been completed

One of the latest completed works of Astel Modular is a complex of four apartment buildings in Bandhagen, Stockholm. As usual, we completed the prefabricated modules for the buildings in our house factories and transported them for assembly in Stockholm.

The Svedjaren project started in 2018 and the work carried on into 2019. Now, the finishing touches are done and the buildings handed over to new inhabitants.

A large-scale residential project

We produced and installed a total of four buildings, which form a rectangle around a quiet courtyard. Two buildings have two floors, and the other two are four floors in height. In total, we manufactured modules to create 50 apartments, but the buildings also include offices and meeting rooms. The houses have laundry rooms on every floor, and the four-floor buildings have elevators. The houses are interconnected in pairs with external pathways, and paved roads crossing the green courtyard. The total area of the project covers 3250 m2 and the buildings are purpose-built rental apartment buildings.

Modular buildings enable different exterior finishings

Although our modular buildings have a sturdy timber frame, it is possible to apply different exterior finishes. In the case of Svedjaren, the façade is covered with different tones of Cembrit tiles. The project is virtually indistinguishable from a building that has been built on-site, and as the time goes by, evolving manufacturing methods will make it even harder to find the differences.

Another addition to our portfolio of projects in Sweden

The Swedish market has been a great platform for our business to grow, because the reception of our modular construction methods has been welcomed warmly over the years. Our ever-growing Swedish portfolio has a number of projects already, but our plans for 2020 are bigger and more ambitious than ever, with some new exciting projects in the planning process, and others aready in active production. Have a look at our complete portfolio HERE.

How can modular buildings help developers meet their goals?

With affordable housing becoming more and more of an issue, it is harder and harder for developers to actually make a profit without compromising quality. Modular construction is something to really look into – it enables high quality and even high-end accommodation with reasonable pricing, and in a shorter timeframe. Contact us and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the benefits of modular buildings.

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