A new residential apartment building project in Sweden – how modular construction should be done

A new residential apartment building project in Sweden – how modular construction should be done

A new residential apartment building project in Sweden - how modular construction should be done

Modular construction, as with any construction process, is a combination of different operations. It is the manner of getting things done that determines the success of a project from start to finish. But when we use the unique advantages of modular construction and collaborate closely with the client, we are able to complete large scale modular buildings more quickly than anyone could have ever imagined. This was the case with one of our latest projects in Karlskrona, Sweden, which is a great example of how modular construction should be done.

About the project

Before we get into the details of how modular construction should be done, here’s a short introduction to the Karlskrona project. The plan’s concept is for a residential development in Sweden that would to provide affordable housing without making compromises in construction quality – which is what modular construction is designed to do. The project consists of five apartment buildings, which are produced in five stages. Every building has 20 apartments, with 2-4 rooms apiece. The first stage is set to be completed by the end of 2019.

Engineering, architecture, design, and permits

Now for the actual process. The first step of completing any project is figuring out the wishes of the client and how our modular solutions can help them achieve their desired results. We are always looking forward to calls, emails and meetings with our clients because this is a chance for us to introduce the possibilities and flexibility of modular construction.

After agreeing upon the solutions which will be used, it’s time for architects and engineers to create the drawings on which the finished building will be based. This is a stage where collaboration with the client and their architects and engineers becomes even more important, because we need to fuse the clients’ idea and our modular solutions into a project that satisfies the client and meets all of the local technical requirements and construction standards. With intense work and fruitful collaboration, this can be achieved in as little as four weeks, as was the case with our new Swedish project.

Every construction project requires permits and approvals, which means that after all of the technical aspects have been sorted out, it is essential to get a building permit and other documentation in order as quickly as possible.

First glimpse of the final product

From there on, it gets a bit more technical. Our production engineers complete all the production drawings as a preparation for the actual production work. Our clients get a first look at how the finished product will look like, when they see the mock-up module, which is usually finished by the time our engineers complete their production drawings. In the case of the new residential apartment buildings, the production drawings and mock-up module are set to be completed in August. After the client has approved the solutions or made the necessary adjustments, the production can begin. The first of the five apartment blocks is set to be completed and ready for residents by the end of the year.

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We’ll do everything to ensure a smooth process – from planning to handover. Astel is actively looking for new long-term partnerships to complete modular construction projects on time and on budget. For more information contact us and if you are interested in our previous works, have a look at our portfolio.

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