Recently completed: Two multistorey prefabricated modular apartment buildings in Turku, Finland

Recently completed: Two multistorey prefabricated modular apartment buildings in Turku, Finland

Recently completed: Two multistorey prefabricated modular apartment buildings in Turku, Finland

One of our most recently completed projects was handed over in the fourth quadrant of this year. We completed two prefabricated apartment buildings in the city of Turku in collaboration with NCC Suomi Oy. The buildings are a part of a larger wooden building block named “Turun Linnanfältti”

The project which consists of 70 apartments in total (44 in one and 26 in the other building) has a total on 2232 m2 of living space. It’s a great example of different companies coming together to successfully complete a larger project.

A combination of different competencies complimenting each other

The best results happen in collaboration. We needed the project to meet the requirements and construction laws of Finland. In order to do so, we collaborated with Sitowise Oy. They were in charge of designing and carrying out the power and utility grid of the project. This enabled us to closely follow the regulations and hand over a high-quality end product.

Another collaboration was with Marinoff Oy who designed, supplied and installed the high-pressure sprinkler system which uses a lot less water and leaves minimal water damage in case of a fire. 

This time we installed the piping in two parts. The first montage was carried out in the factory where the pipes were installed and pre-tested. The final assembly and pressure testing was carried out on the construction site. All in all, it helped us shorten the installation time on-site. 

We followed the “Kuivaketju-10” guidelines

The whole project was carried out closely following Finnish moisture safety guideline “Kuivaketju-10”. It is a complete work arranging model with a purpose of eliminating the possibility of moisture damage in all stages of the construction project and beyond that. The guidelines concentrate on 10 main hazards in regards to moisture and mitigating these risks leads to cutting more than 80% of the costs related to moisture damage.

The processes are closely monitored starting from the stage of design by an assigned inspector, who tests and documents the implementation of the guidelines, making sure that everything is up to the standard.

Production monitoring

To keep the client informed, in addition to standard ISO quality management we sent the client a weekly report covering the manufacturing progress which consisted of a written report covering the manufacturing progress and photos taken in our manufacturing facilities. This was an additional step to give the client peace of mind about the project being completed within the planned schedule and that the delivery of the prefabricated modules will happen at the right time. This also eliminated the need to make regular visits to our manufactories just for the purpose of keeping tabs on the progress.

It is a great token of trust from the client and a testament to our work ethic that we are able to keep a close eye on our manufacturing productivity while providing detailed weekly reports on our manufacturing processes.

A certified collaboration with NCC

In order to complete the project as a subcontractor of NCC Suomi Oy, we passed a quality audit. This gave us permission to be an official NCC subcontractor and supplier. And neither the main contractor nor the end client had any complaints – the works were carried out in time and the positive feedback from new homeowners was a great acknowledgement to the job that was done well. 

Interested in wooden multistorey buildings?

We are actively looking for new collaborations manufacturing prefabricated wooden multistorey buildings! If you’d like to discuss options for collaboration, please get in touch with us! Our factories are working non-stop and delivering new modular buildings even during these testing times – you can count on us!

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