Purpose-built rentals

Purpose-built rentals. Modular construction

Purpose-built rentals

More individuals are seeking apartments lease agreements over a mortgage. As the housing market has shown increases over the past few years, apartment developments, leases, and rentals have continued to dramatically remain the dominant leader in real estate. Those who are seeking to develop rental housing should consider modular construction. This option not only offers you a quicker method of construction at the same standards as traditional constructions, but the modular construction also allows you to build more units for less as well as the shorter construction time allows units to be leased sooner, meaning investments are paying off faster.

Modular solutions have been used for years throughout the hotel and student accommodation sectors and entering the build-to-rent market is a natural step forward which reduces the costs of construction, produces less waste and helps Astel Modular complete the purpose built rentals faster than our counterparts who build the buildings on site.

The price of a modular home does not include the foundation.

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    Similar projects


    Educational buildings

    Students and teachers deserve to work in well-equipped, inspirational and spacious environments. As the learning environment needs to have minimal disruption, modular construction offers the perfect solution – the modules are produced in the factory and only brought to the construction site for a quick assembly with minimal traffic, dust and noise.


    Hotels and motels

    For motel owners, their buildings are their business. Astel Modular provides modular motel buildings so rooms can be rented sooner and profitability reached faster than for the counterparts who opted to go for regular on site construction.

    Student Campuses

    Dormitory buildings

    The 2-building student residence on the photo is constructed of 96 prefabricated and factory-furnished single dormitory rooms. The building seen on the images was transported to France for installation. We design and build dormitories according to client’s needs of floors and rooms. Design features are chosen in collaboration with the client in order to meet the needs of the residents.



    We manufacture kindergarten buildings, social homes, retirement homes, campus buildings etc. by adjusting our projects for different purposes. Different types of rooms such as single dormitories, family rooms and rooms with wheelchair access are available.

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