New projects in 2021 – plans and progress

New projects in 2021 – plans and progress

New projects in 2021 - plans and progress

Terraced modular apartment buildings in Riksten
Terraced modular apartment buildings in Riksten

The beginning of 2021 has been rough on everybody with European-wide restrictions being enforced and people living in continued isolation. What’s more, the prices of construction materials have risen to new heights, making it even harder to stay competitive in the construction market.

But all that said, we are happy and thankful to have new partnerships and projects to keep us busy in the coming months, as we are starting and finishing a few large residential projects.

New partnership for a residential project in Riksten

For a few years, we’ve been exploring ways to start a partnership with one of Sweden’s largest real estate developers. But we’ve had no luck until this year. 

Now we’ve had a breakthrough and have an agreement in place to manufacture a residential apartment building development in Riksten. The buildings meet the “Miljöbyggnad Silver” standard.

We’re manufacturing modules for 52 apartments in the scope of the project that are in two apartment buildings. It’s a project where Astel Modular will build everything from the ground up. We’ll lay the foundation, manufacture prefab modules, and carry out the installation work.

Manufacturing of the first building has already begun. The project is set to be fully finished by December, with the first owners moving in October. This is possible because the modular building process is not linear, but the foundation and the apartments themselves are built at the same time. As soon as the foundation is in place, we can start mounting modules that are fully finished (and furnished) in our factories.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress!

The modules of a new dormitory building are completed

We recently finished manufacturing new prefab modules of a dormitory building in Järfälla. The building which is built of 28 prefab modules is set to be finished in June. The installation process of the modules is planned to take a week. 

This is not the first time for us to manufacture and install modules for a dormitory. It’s a great and cost-efficient solution that promises fast completion times without making compromises in quality.

The terraced buildingproject in Järfälla is nearly finished

Another project in Järfälla is currently being installed with the first building complete. We first announced it in our December newsletter and now the completion process is well underway.

The first building set to be finished is the terraced building with seven new apartments. The project also includes a building with 18 apartments and another terraced building with 6 apartments, that are set to be installed within a month.

The project is set to be fully completed and handed over in July. As the technical design and planning started in October 2020, this project is a great example of how fast it is possible to complete a residential project with a volume of over 2000 m2, consisting of 3 buildings and over 30 apartments.

As always, if you’d like to know more about modular construction or perhaps create your next project with us, let us know!

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