A new modular apartment building in Stockholm – Vällingby

A new modular apartment building in Stockholm – Vällingby

A new modular apartment building in Stockholm – Vällingby

In 2018, Astel Modular contributed to the goals of integrated Stockholm by manufacturing and installing a new modular apartment building in the Vällingby area. The building was ordered to take a step closer to meeting the city’s housing goals and the city made a substantial investment to complete the project in the set timeframe.

As the building permit was granted for approximately 4 years, the city opted for a solution which would help them provide a comfortable and modern living environment, with the option of relocating the building in a few years if necessary. The only reasonable and sustainable option in this kind of situation is modular construction.

A new modular apartment building for temporary residence

It’s not the first time we have built an apartment building with the purpose of providing temporary residence in Stockholm. Last year we manufactured and installed a modular building in Södermalm with a total living area of 1,500 m2. We have also built two apartment complexes in Danderyd with a total area of 2,880 m2 and finished other large-scale projects in Solna and Frösunda (for more information have a look at our portfolio).

The Platinan project has 3 floors, with a total area of 3,600 m2. The house has 41 two to three room apartments but also has an integrated elevator and offices with meeting rooms. Astel Modular completed the project as a turnkey solution – the building is ready for accommodation.

The advantages of a modular apartment building

It’s not hard to see, why the city of Stockholm has opted for modular construction to meet their goal of providing short-term accommodation. ‘Vision 2040 – a Stockholm for everyone’ expects the city to build 140,000 new apartments. This means that the construction process of apartment buildings needs to be fast and effective but also cost-effective.

Modular construction is a perfect way to help this goal come to life. As the urban living environment of Stockholm would be massively disturbed by the construction of up to 140,000 apartments on site, turnkey modular construction offers a solution where up to 95% of the construction works are completed out of the city, in controlled factory conditions. This is a massive win for the environment because modular construction produces little to none material waste, the logistics are more efficient and the construction work on site is less messy which usually causes a headache for landscaping and produces massive amounts of waste.

A modular house factory operates very efficiently. Every worker is specialized in a certain operation, we have well-established partners who provide raw materials and the manufacturing process involves strict supervision and numerous tests in the factory. The benefit? Our construction process is not delayed by the weather, we have no issues with our workforce and all the raw materials arrive on time. As the foundation and the building are constructed at the same time, we complete our projects up to 50% faster than on-site builders and at a lower cost!

The only thing left to do is to ship the turnkey modules to the construction site, mount them on the foundation in a matter of days and do the finishing touches before a swift handover. We strictly follow the building standards and regulations of Sweden and ensure the highest quality of our buildings, which means that our buildings are usually ready for moving in right after we complete them.

Astel Modular – helping to meet the housing goals of local authorities

Modular construction is an integral part of meeting the housing goals of local authorities all over Europe. The flexibility of modular construction allows our clients to complete their projects quickly while keeping the costs down and also allows them to relocate the buildings if necessary. These features combined make modular apartment buildings the perfect solution for providing temporary accommodation.

When are you planning on building your next real estate project? Could you also benefit from completing it faster and at a lower cost? Contact us and we’ll find a modular solution to meet your goals and expectations.

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