New homes are now being built after the fire in Enånger

New homes are now being built after the fire in Enånger

New homes are now being built after the fire in Enånger

In 2015, eight apartments in Enånger were destroyed by a fire. It was uncertain for a long time whether the municipally-owned housing company Hudiksvallsbostäder would build new apartments – it seemed to be too expensive from the start, but now construction is underway. At the same time, the housing company is currently constructing 66 apartments outside the city center.

In June 2015, a longer building consisting of eight rental apartments was ravaged by fire in central Enånger. Hudiksvallsbostäder wanted to rebuild the apartments, but at the first procurement it was considered to be too expensive – it would have cost 30,000 kronor per square meter, so the building plans were put on hold.

This raised protests from the local village council, among others, which wrote a citizen’s proposal concerning the need for new homes to rise in Enånger. Now the shovel has been set into the ground and six new apartments pre-produced in Estonia are being built in the same place.

‘It feels very nice! This is an industrial production with pre-fabricated units which will be assembled. Then the installations and earthworks will take place later,’ says Hudiksvallsbostäder’s CEO Nils-Erik Blomdahl.

What was the price compared to the first calculation?

When asked about the project’s current price, compared to its initial estimate, Blomdahl responded, ‘Compared to the first tender it differs approximately by 5,000 kronor per square meter, so it concerns a lot of money.’

New buildings are also being constructed here

Right now, Hudiksvallsbostäder is building 66 new apartments outside the county town of Hudiksvall. In addition to the 6 apartments in Enånger, 18 are being built in Iggesund, 10 on Övernäsvägen street in Näsviken and 18 on Smedjegatan street in Delsbo.

In Enånger and Näsviken, the cost of construction is 26,000 kronor per square meter, and 22,000 kronor per square meter in Iggesund and Delsbo. In total, the four buildings will cost 98 million kronor.

‘As things stand, there is great demand in the whole municipality, and therefore we feel that it is possible to build in outer areas,’ says Blomdahl.

This influences the entire housing market

Nils-Erik Blomdahl admits that rental prices will be relatively high for the new apartments, but he believes the construction will have a positive effect on the whole housing market, ‘These are prices for new constructions and the provisional cost of a small two-room apartment of 43 square meters in Enånger will be at least 5,700 kronor per month which is a lot of money. But you can get “moving chains” which will free up cheaper apartments,’ he says.

Author: Markus Dahlberg, SVT Nyheter

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