Retirement homes and assisted living facilities

Modular retirement homes and assisted living. Retirement parks

Retirement homes and assisted living facilities

Assisted living is often viewed as the best solution to accommodate the aging population. Residents have as much independence as they want with the knowledge that personal care and support services are available if they need them.

Assisted living facilities are one of the fastest growing areas of commercial construction. Developers are looking for a means to provide high quality facilities faster, and at a lower price. The answer for many of them is permanent modular construction.

Astel Modular manufactures prefabricated senior housing buildings, including assisted living buildings, senior centers and retirement communities. Using modular technology, it is possible to achieve lower costs and a faster completion time. Our senior apartment construction strategy allows us to efficiently build multiple unit residential buildings with open spaces and well-appointed living areas.

Custom senior housing buildings can be designed to have virtually any convenience or feature you have in mind. From elegant dining areas to comfortable community rooms, each aspect of our senior housing structures is planned with the specific needs of your future residents in mind, as well as your budget.

The price of a modular home does not include the foundation.

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