Modular playschools. Kindergarten and nursery buildings


The education market is a large market within the modular industry as modular buildings provide quality space at a reasonable cost. Rather than reducing the area or removing necessities, many school districts are opting for modular units. Our kindergartens are factory-built and are delivered to the site for installation on the finished foundation.

Kindergartens built using modular construction methods can be constructed and finished very quickly, as an ideal option when time is of the essence. Modular construction means that kindergartens can be expanded if needed by adding classrooms or other specialty rooms to the modular construction. We provide a safe, stimulating and inspiring environment that encourages children to explore, play and learn.

All projects can be adapted to your needs by changing the layout or the number of rooms. It is also possible to select and change any of our internal or external finishings.

The price of a modular home does not include the foundation.

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    Hotels and motels

    Hotels are naturally better suited to being built off-site because of their repetitive room sizes and layouts. Modular construction process dramatically shortens the overall construction schedule, which leads to quicker occupancy and quicker return on investment.

    Semi-detached and terraced houses

    Semi-detached and terraced houses

    Building a semi-detached or a terraced house is one of the best types of housing in residential areas where land prices are on the high side.
    We deliver your house to the plot as ready modules for a quick assembly with minimal traffic, noise and debris.


    Educational buildings

    Students and teachers deserve to work in well-equipped, inspirational and spacious environments. As the learning environment needs to have minimal disruption, modular construction offers the perfect solution – the modules are produced in the factory and only brought to the construction site for a quick assembly with minimal traffic, dust and noise.



    We manufacture kindergarten buildings, social homes, retirement homes, campus buildings etc. by adjusting our projects for different purposes. Different types of rooms such as single dormitories, family rooms and rooms with wheelchair access are available.

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