Modular motel construction. Prefab motels


For motel owners, their buildings are their business. Astel Modular provides modular motel buildings so rooms can be rented sooner and profitability reached faster than for the counterparts who opted to go for regular on site construction. Our buildings can be configured as a motel that includes multiple stories and common hallways.

All of our structures are designed and configured to meet your individual needs, however, in addition to custom floor plans, we offer a variety of interior and exterior finishes so that each motel can have the desired look.

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    Similar projects

    Student Campuses

    Dormitory buildings

    The 2-building student residence on the photo is constructed of 96 prefabricated and factory-furnished single dormitory rooms. The building seen on the images was transported to France for installation. We design and build dormitories according to client’s needs of floors and rooms. Design features are chosen in collaboration with the client in order to meet the needs of the residents.

    Purpose-built rentals

    Modular buildings

    Modular solutions reduce the costs of construction, produces less waste and helps Astel Modular complete the purpose-built rentals faster than our counterparts who build the buildings on site.

    Semi-detached and terraced houses

    Semi-detached and terraced houses

    Building a semi-detached or a terraced house is one of the best types of housing in residential areas where land prices are on the high side.
    We deliver your house to the plot as ready modules for a quick assembly with minimal traffic, noise and debris.

    Astel Modular manufactures prefabricated senior housing buildings, including assisted living buildings, senior centers and retirement communities. Using modular technology, it is possible to achieve lower costs and a faster completion time. Our senior apartment construction strategy allows us to efficiently build multiple unit residential buildings with open spaces and well-appointed living areas.
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