Modular houses – build your project up to 50 % faster

Modular houses – build your project up to 50 % faster

Modular houses - build your project up to 50 % faster

New prefabricated apartment building in Stockholm

We often say that our modular construction process helps you to complete your next project 30 – 50 % faster compared to regular on-site construction. How do we achieve this massive advantage in terms of saved time and reduced costs with large scale modular buildings for business clients? Here is a step by step explanation of the most obvious advantages of modular construction.

Technical planning

If the client has made a decision to build the next project with prefabricated modules, we establish the sales agreement, scheduling and financing, and the terms of warranty. Then we start with the technical planning.

The technical planning process of a modular building does not differ much from a regular on-site construction. We will finish the technical drawings for the construction, utilities and foundation, and coordinate them with the client.

The production of the modules and works on the construction site

Production is where the time-saving magic happens. In the regular on-site construction, the construction process happens layer by layer, starting from the ground works and foundation. The building itself is constructed one floor at a time with a constant flow of trucks delivering raw materials to the construction site, no matter if the building is located in a busy city centre or a suburbian area. Due to the weather complications it might be impossible to do the facade works for weeks. The delivery of materials might be late and all the other construction works could come to a halt. Some of the workers might call in sick and some others quit for a better offer. The budget and the schedule could get out of proportion, but the construction is still not finished – the return on your investment might get smaller and smaller.

On the other hand, in the process of modular construction, one crew begins to work on the site to do the ground works and build the foundation, the house factory starts building the actual modules, enabling us to finish the foundation and the modules simultaneously. Our house factories are located in industrial areas near the cities, where there are no busy streets or traffic to disturb the flow of high-quality raw materials from our long-term partners. There are no delays caused by the weather; the climate of the factory is constantly monitored and logged throughout the construction process. Our workforce is highly specialized for specific repetitive processes – they are the true masters of their craft.

As the factory construction process eliminates all possible delays and the construction of the foundation is happening at the same time, it is possible to save time tremendously. Over the years, Astel Modular has perfected the manufacturing process, bringing the projects to a completion up to 50 % faster.

Does the high speed affect quality?

Certainly not. The indoors production is standardized – we are accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates for sales, design, and production of modular buildings. We always follow the local building codes and regulations, and carry out documented tests on our modules, for example:

  • Humidity checks of the raw materials and built structures before packaging, humidity checks before construction works on site.
  • Internal climate control of the production facilities (temperature and humidity), which is logged throughout the construction process
  • Testing of the systems before the packaging by our in-house inspector

We conduct production supervision in agreement with our clients:

  • We carry out the standard checks (humidity, fire protection, etc.)
  • We can carry out client-specific additional checks

All of the modules are tested in the factory by our in-house inspector, following the checklist and the supervision agreement. We carry out the following tests at the factory:

  • Air-tightness (usually carried out on 10% of the modules). The results are in the range of 0.15-0.3 liters per second per m².
  • Soundproofing
  • Air flow
  • Sewerage system (video footage)
  • Electronics and wiring, including electrical appliances, lamps and sockets
  • Pressure tests of water and heating pipes according to protocol

We check the documentation of the raw materials at purchasing, to make sure all of the materials are CE certified, tested, and approved.

We make no compromises in the manufacturing process of our buildings. Usually our buildings are built with a better quality than the buildings constructed on site, because each individual module is built to resist repetitive upheaval, transportation, and mounting on the foundation.

The finishing work?

Having made it to the final stages of the construction, in on-site construction it means that the apartments are finished one by one with a constant flow of construction workers roaming in and out of the building, sometimes damaging the finishing and causing extra work for their colleagues. The deadline is coming closer, but the construction does not seem to get closer to completion.

In the meantime, the modular construction is already handed over and new residents have moved in. How is that possible? The answer is simple – our prefabricated modules are completed as a turnkey solution in the factory. By the time a module is transported to the construction site, it is fully finished and furnished – the tiling has been done, walls have been painted, the bathroom fixtures and kitchen furniture is in place. We are able to complete up to 95 % of the construction works in the factory! This means that after mounting the modules on the foundation, a small crew makes the finishing touches before the site is handed over. Not only is it faster, but it is also environment-friendly and causes less disturbance to the local community, which is a real win-win situation.

Do you want the modular advantage?

We think that the time has come for everyone to plan carefully before starting their next real estate project, and consider if they would benefit from going modular. Astel has been perfecting the construction of modular buildings for over 20 years, and our first timber house factory started operating over 70 years ago. If you want to find out how modular construction together with our experience could benefit your next real estate project, get in touch with us!

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