Student Campuses

Modular dormitories. Prefab student apartment construction

Student Campuses

The 2-building student residence is constructed of 96 prefabricated and factory-furnished single dormitory rooms. The building seen on the images was transported to France for installation.

Modular solutions have been used for years throughout the hotel and student accommodation sectors. We design and build dormitories according to client’s needs of floors and rooms. Design features are chosen in collaboration with the client in order to meet the needs of the residents.

We deliver the building to the plot as ready modules that already have an insulated floor. The foundation of the house is not included in the price, as it depends on the soil of the plot.

All projects can be adapted to your liking by changing the layout or the number of rooms. It is also possible to select and change any of our internal or external finishings, so you can create the building that serves its purpose.

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