Community Centers

Modular community centres construction

Community Centers

We create projects for kindergarten buildings, social homes, retirement homes, campus buildings etc. by adjusting our projects for different purposes. Design features are chosen in collaboration with our clients depending on the purpose of the building.

In social buildings design, we especially consider the needs of the end user. We create a comfortable and safe environment, so that people in need of help would feel at home. Design features are chosen in collaboration with the client in order to meet the needs of future residents. Our buildings for social housing are designed to offer as much living space as possible on a relatively small area.

We deliver the building to the plot as ready modules that already have an insulated floor. The foundation of the house is not included in the price, as it depends on the soil of the plot.

All projects can be adapted to your needs by changing the layout or the number of rooms. It is also possible to select and change any of our internal or external finishings.

The price of a modular home does not include the foundation.

Lot Size 200-5000m2

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