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Astel Modular – Modular buildings and engineering

Astel Modular designs and manufactures energy efficient prefabricated modular houses with modern architecture. We build the modules in our house factory and install them on site with minimal traffic, dust and noise.

Our strengths include in-depth engineering knowledge and a long experience in manufacturing and designing modular houses, as well as flexibility and good customer relations.

Our two house factories employ 75 workers on the total production area of 8000 m2. The majority of the processes in the house factory are transferred from the construction site to the production unit, which reduces risks related to weather and simplifies logistics and project management. We offer fast delivery and meet deadlines, while keeping the costs down. We offer our services to developers, construction companies and other business clients.

We use only high-quality and environmentally friendly materials in our production and construction processes, which influence the quality of the building and its maintenance costs. Our architects and engineers have designed over 450 houses.
Astel Modular produces energy-efficient houses with beautiful architecture and smart interior plans. We can assure  you the high quality of our buildings as Astel Modular is accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 sertificates for sales, design and production of modular houses.

The management principles of environmental and quality management

For Astel Modular OÜ, quality means that the customer is satisfied with our products and services and this has been achieved in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

The day-to-day activities of Astel Modular OÜ are characterised by the following principles:

  • We guarantee stable quality and optimal deadlines for the customers in fulfilling our promises.
  • We use the best materials in our production.
  • We cooperate with disposal companies to increase the share of reusable waste.
  • We take into account the effects of our actions on the environment and continuously work to decrease environmental pollution.
  • We continuously increase the company’s efficiency by using modern planning and management methods.
  • We follow valid laws and norms that govern the activities of the company.

A customer from France wanted to order two dormitory buildings with 48 rooms for students from our production unit.

A customer from France wanted to order two dormitory buildings with 48 rooms for students from our production unit. The finishing time was unrealistically short and the engineering and architectural solutions were only partially developed.

The customer had contacted several other service providers, but decided for us due to our flexibility and the deadline.

In order to get the project done, our engineers designed more than 1,100 technical blueprints in a very short amount of time. The customer approved the drafts after they were finished.

The project was carried out despite the busy schedule and half-finished blueprints. For the best results, the architectural and engineering drafts should be finished before the start of the production.

We manufactured and transported 96 room elements for single dormitory rooms to the location.

Photo 1.
The building of the foundation on site:

Photo 2.
Manufacturing process of 96 modules in our production unit:

Photo 3.
Modules right before loading on vehicles:

Photo 4.
Installation and construction works:

Photo 5.
Finished object:

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