Kristalli Ilves is setting the standard for modular building interior design

Kristalli Ilves is setting the standard for modular building interior design

Kristalli Ilves is setting the standard for modular building interior design

New modular apartments in Riihimäki have beautiful interiors

The prefabricated modules of the Kristalli Ilves project are currently under construction, but thanks to some 3D rendering, we are able to give you a peek into the beautiful interior design solutions of the project.

One of the oldest and also the most common misconceptions about modular construction is that it’s not possible to create a prefabricated structure with the same quality, attention to detail and care as an on-site construction. The new project in Riihimäki is here to prove, that modular buildings can be built fast, with a reasonable price, and at the same time have beautiful interiors.

The magic happens in the factory

Although it might seem unimaginable that a fully finished and furnished room can survive the transportation and mounting onto the foundation while remaining fully intact, we do complete our modular buildings as turnkey solutions. This means that everything from wiring and piping to tiling and interior finishing, but also installation of kitchen furniture and bathroom fixtures, are done in our factory.

Since Estonia is one of the leading exporters of modular buildings in the world, we have ample knowledge and resources to manufacture high-end buildings for every purpose. As experts in modular construction, we can truly execute the clients’ vision in a stunning fashion.

Have a look at the Kristalli Ilves interior 3D gallery here:

High-end interiors for different types of buildings

In addition to residential real estate developers, the hotel and hospitality industry is also exploring the solutions and possibilities provided by modular construction, with Marriott showing the way, and many others following suit. With the rising quality of modular construction, we are able to produce thoroughly designed living areas, spacious lounges, conference rooms, or any other kind of buildings.

Want to see how modular construction would suit your project?

We are always looking forward to collaborating with the architects and interior designers of our clients to make the most beautiful modular buildings. Would you like to see how modular construction could suit your next project? Contact our experts and let’s find out.

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