B2B modular buildings - completed works


Turun Puubyygeli consists of two prefabricated apartment buildings in the city of Turku and was completed in collaboration with NCC Suomi Oy.

The project includes 70 apartments in total (44 in one building and 26 in the other), and has 2232 m2 of living space.

The whole project was carried out closely following the Finnish moisture safety guideline ‘Kuivaketju-10’. These guidelines concentrate on 10 main hazards in regard to moisture. Mitigating these risks leads to cutting more than 80% of the costs related to moisture damage.

In order to complete the project as a subcontractor of NCC Suomi Oy, we passed a quality audit. This permitted us to become an official NCC subcontractor and supplier.


The first Astel Modular project in Stockholm consists of terraced buildings. The project itself has:

  • 18_34 – a building of 6 terraced apartments
  • 18_35 – 18 apartments. Not a completely standard modular building, because the middle of the building is built with wall elements, not complete modules.
  • 18_37 – a building of 7 terraced apartments

The total volume of the project was approximately 2000 m2. It was completed, in three stages, in under a year, and handed over to the client in the summer of 2021.

Grimsta 1:2

In the spring of 2021 we embarked on a project in collaboration with AB Stockholmshem. The project comprised two buildings:

  • Hus A – 3351 m2, 26 apartments
  • Hus B – 865 m2, 15 apartments

The facades are covered with Cembrit tiles and wood cladding, and the apartments have electrical heating and independent ventilation systems.


This new dormitory building in Järfälla was designed to house students currently studying in Stockholm. It has a modular design, with one kitchen and bathroom for each four student rooms.

The apartments are bright and open, with attention to material choices and storage spaces. The modules were built and shipped as fully completed units ready for installation.

Fäboden, Stockholm

A new apartment building has been completed in collaboration with Andersson Company Byggnads AB, meeting the ‘Miljöbyggnad Silver’ standards for environmental construction. The total area of the project, which consists of two buildings, is 5500 m2.

The first two floors of the five-storey building feature solid concrete construction, while the other floors are constructed of prefab wooden frame modules, which has led to a slightly longer installation period than usual.

The developer, manufacturer and construction company care deeply about the living environment of the building and the wellbeing of its inhabitants, as well as being fully invested in tackling environmental issues. This is reflected in the fact that the new apartments meet the requirements for the Mijöbyggnad Silver environmental certification.

Skogsgläntan, Karlskrona

In collaboration with Swedish developer Norrterna we are producing an apartment building project that is a great balancing act between sustainable construction and high quality.

Large windows, open plans and natural wood help the project blend in beautifully with the surroundings and make it a great place to be together with friends and family.

The goal of the project is to provide luxurious housing at a reasonable price, to make it attainable for everyone.

Harstad, Norway

The next stage of our entrance to the Norwegian market is a new modular apartment building project in Harstad, Norway. The project consists of five buildings, each of which have a living area of approximately 1000m2. We are starting work on the first apartment building, with the construction likely to continue to 2021. The goal of the project is to create luxurious homes and keeping construction costs down without compromising the integrity of the buildings, in order to create more luxurious interiors.

Icon Kristalli Ilves

Astel Modular will start manufacturing one of the largest residential apartment building projects in Finland, which is built of timber frame prefabricated modules. Astel Modular is the main contractor of the project – this is the first time a Baltic modular house factory is leading a project of this scale in Finland.

The project consists of 300 apartments in 9 modular apartment building, each 4 stories high. The total area of the project is 12 030 m2 and is built in 2019 and 2020, providing a modern living environment with beautiful architecture to many families.

Platinan, Stockholm

In 2018, Astel Modular manufactured and installed a new modular apartment building in the Vällingby area in Stockholm. The building was ordered to take a step closer to meeting the city’s housing goals and the city made a substantial investment to complete the project in the set timeframe.

The Platinan project has 3 floors, with a total area of 3,600 m2. The house has 41 two to three room apartments but also has an integrated elevator and offices with meeting rooms. Astel Modular completed the project as a turnkey solution – the building was ready for accommodation after the installation works.

Bony Kästa

In 2019, Astel will complete a project of 3 apartment buildings in the Huddinge parish, in the county of Stockholm. With a total area of 2285 m2, the houses consist of a total of 59 rental apartments.

The installation works are set to be completed by the autumn of 2019.

Norelia, Norway

In 2019, Astel is entering the Norwegian modular construction market with 3 new projects. The first one is an apartment building with a total of 52 new apartments. The apartment building is constructed with the purpose of providing ski resort employees accommodation.

In addition to apartments, the buildings have a common area with a kitchen, a laundry room, a gym, and other leisure facilities. The project is completed as a turnkey solution.

New modular apartment buildings in Stockholm, Södermalm

The Municipality of Stockholm ordered new apartment buildings in Södermalm to accommodate and integrate new arriving residents to the area. The 22 rental apartments were built as turnkey solutions. Astel Modular also built the foundation. The modular apartment building was built in accordance with the highest fire safety standards and has a concrete elevator shaft which is integrated with the wooden prefabricated modules.

Svedjaren, Stockholm

An ongoing project in 2019, Svedjaren is set to be completed in the first half of 2019. The project consists of 4 buildings, two of them are 2-storey buildings and the other two 4-storey modular apartment buildings.

The total area of the buildings is 3250 m2 and is divided into fifty 2-3 room apartments, but also offices and meeting rooms. Every floor has its own laundry room module for collective use.

The facades are covered with different tones of Cembrit tiles. The modular apartment buildings form a quiet inner quarter with greenery and paved roads connecting the buildings.

Semi-detached and terraced modular houses in Hudiksvall

One of the most extreme installations of the modular semi-detached and terraced buildings. In January 2017, we completed the installation of modular buildings in Hudiksvall. The conditions put the constructions and the abilities of the installation crew to the test – temperature was below 20 degrees Celsius and there was over 1 meter of snow. The houses were finished as turnkey solutions.

Rental apartments in Frösunda, Stockholm
Modular rental apartments in Stockholm, Frösunda. In 2017, Astel Modular completed a project of 60 apartments as a turnkey solution. The challenge was to build the modular constructions that would withstand the loud noise caused by traffic nearby. We built special wall constructions and used windows and doors with higher noise resistance in order to reduce the noise levels.

Modular apartment buildings in Danderyd, Stockholm
The first part of a two-part project was completed in November 2017. Astel Modular built 4 modular apartment buildings with 51 apartments in total. Taking over the project after the foundation was finished, we built a turnkey solution. Built as rental apartments, the modular buildings offer a quick and flexible solution for short and long-term accommodation.

Modular apartment buildings in Solna, Stockholm
In January 2017, Astel Modular finished a project which consisted of 112 turnkey apartments in Solna, Stockholm. The purpose-built rental apartments were constructed of prefabricated modules. We built the room modules in our house factory and transported them from Estonia to Sweden for quick installation on site.

Purpose-built rental apartments in Danderyd, Stockholm

By the end of May 2018, Astel Modular completed a project which consisted of 4 houses and 51 apartments in total. The purpose-built rental apartments are located in Danderyd, in the outskirts of Stockholm and are the second part of the Danderyd modular project (the first part was completed in November 2017). Astel Modular completed the work as a turnkey solution from the foundation.

Building complex construction in France

A customer from France wanted to order two dormitory buildings with 48 rooms for students from our production unit. We designed and manufactured 96 factory-finished and furnished room elements of single dormitory rooms.

Building modular private houses in Germany
2-storey modular house manufacturing, transportation and construction for a private customer in Frankfurt, Germany. The house was assembled in a day, starting in the morning, so all six modules could be installed by the evening.

Building terraced house with 8 apartments in Tuusula, Finland
The customer ordered a summerhouse in Finland. We produced the house of wall elements in our Viljandi factory and installed it on site. We provided manufacturing the wall elements, transportation, installation and some of the construction works.

Restaurant in Vaasa
The customer ordered wall elements and trusses along with the installation.

An apartment building to provide flexible housing
We can help and create kindergarten buildings, social homes, retirement homes, campus buildings etc. by adjusting our projects for different purposes. Different types of rooms such as single dormitories, family rooms and also rooms with wheelchair access are available.

Paide Family Home, Estonia – The Estonian-Switzerland collaboration project
A family house in Paide that was commissioned by the Ministry of Social Affairs and built under the Estonian-Switzerland collaboration project. The house has an effective use of space, where 132m2 net surface holds 5 bedrooms, a kitchen-living room and several utility rooms, providing a comfortable living environment for up to ten people. Carefully thought-out engineering solutions keep the house maintenance costs as low as possible. The installation of the modules on the finished foundation was carried out in a day.

Spacious 2-room apartment social buildings
Social buildings with convenient 2-room apartments. The functional floor plan fits an open kitchen-living room and a separated bedroom on a limited area. The projects can be customized according to the purpose of the building. The design features are chosen in collaboration with the client to meet the needs of the end users. We offer a variety of interior and exterior design solutions.
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