Astel Modular will start manufacturing one of the largest modular apartment building projects in Finland

Astel Modular will start manufacturing one of the largest modular apartment building projects in Finland

Astel Modular will start manufacturing one of the largest modular apartment building projects in Finland

A 3D visualisation of the forthcoming project

Astel Modular will start working on a new residential real estate project in Riihimäki, Finland.

The new modular apartment project consists of 300 apartments in 9 apartment buildings with a total area of 12,030 m2 – making it one of the biggest wood frame modular building projects in Finland. The houses in the project are 4 stories high and the total cost of the project is 24,200,000 euros, which includes architectural planning and engineering, landscaping, infrastructure, foundation etc.

In the words of the CEO of Astel Ltd, Raul Kinks: “This is a great chance to show the efficiency and quality levels that prefabricated modular construction can achieve for residential real estate developers. As one of the largest timber and modular houses manufacturer in the Baltics, it is about time that we took on leading a project of this scale. We are happy to start the works on the project which will be an important landmark in our work as a prefabricated modular buildings manufacturer – but also glad to start our cooperation with the Real Estate Fund ICON, who is the project developer.”

Astel Modular will be the main contractor for the project, starting works in 2019 and carrying on to 2020. This is the first time a Baltic modular house factory is leading a project of this scale in Finland.

Why Astel Modular?

The goal of Astel Modular has always been to create large-scale real estate projects for business clients – real estate developers, hospitality industry, local authorities etc. We have created and optimized our production processes in order to build effectively – the repetitive nature of large-scale modular buildings makes the production faster, but also enables us to order all of the raw materials in bulk to speed up the manufacturing processes even more. Having built several apartment complexes in Scandinavia, it is time to put ourselves to the test and be a part of creating one of the largest residential modular apartment building projects in Finland.

We are always looking for sustainable long-term partnerships to keep our clients happy and carry out projects with efficiency. We always welcome technical supervisors and experts to our production facilities to assess our work and carry out tests on a regular basis to ensure the highest quality of our buildings – great results are achieved through cooperation.

Experience. Quality. On-time delivery: Astel

Astel Modular develops, designs, produces, delivers and installs modular buildings. We are focused on exporting our buildings to the Scandinavian market, mainly Sweden and Finland. With a production capacity of up to 35,000 m2 per year, we are able to produce large modular projects in a relatively short timeframe.

Astel has a long history in timber house manufacturing: a part of the Astel Group started timber building production already 70 years ago. Astel Group has over 200 employees and its turnover in 2018 was more than 27,5 million euros.

We are accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates for design, sales, and production of modular houses. This means our production facilities have a strictly controlled, monitored and logged environment. We carry out frequent internal tests to the build quality of our modules and deliver our projects on time. As we are able to manufacture our modular buildings as a turnkey solution, 95% of the construction and finishing is done at our factory.

We are more than happy to start working on the project because we have the knowledge, experience, and capacity to deliver it on time and in style.

When are you planning on building your next real estate project? Contact us and let’s discuss, how modular construction could benefit your business goals.

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