Astel Modular recap – first half of 2019

Astel Modular recap – first half of 2019

Astel Modular recap - first half of 2019

The first half of 2019 has been exciting for Astel Modular and the whole Astel Group. We have started new projects, found new collaborations, and are entering new markets with great potential. Here’s our recap of the first half of the year and some of its more significant events.

Kristalli Ilves – the largest residential modular apartment building project in Finland

Our year started with a press conference in Finland, where Real Estate Fund ICON announced it was going to build the largest modular apartment building project in Finland, in collaboration with us. The project consists of 300 apartments in nine apartment buildings with a total area of 12,030 m2. The houses in the project are four stories high, and the total cost of the project is 24,200,000 euros, which includes architectural planning and engineering, landscaping, infrastructure, foundations, etc.

This is a great milestone for us, because never before has a Baltic modular house factory led a project of this scale in Finland. We are glad to have begun work on the project, which will last into 2020.

Entering the Norwegian market with three new projects

Thus far, 2019 has been a year of big announcements, and the next one is no less important. Astel is entering the Norwegian market with three new projects this year – the first is already in the late stages of production. It is an apartment building with a total of 52 apartments in a ski resort in central Norway. The apartment building will provide long term accommodation for resort employees.

This is a great step forward for us because having gathered extensive experience in the Swedish and Finnish market, we now have the chance to get to know the standards, processes, and customs of the Norwegian construction market. We are confident we will achieve great end results because our customer is an experienced residential real estate hotel developer, we have consulted our proposed solutions with local experts, and the modules are being built according to the Norwegian construction standard NS 8407 to ensure a smooth construction process and handover. Stay tuned to get more information about the project, which is scheduled to finish in autumn.

We are finishing rental apartment projects in Sweden

In addition to new projects, our production and installation crews have been actively working on several ongoing projects. We are currently doing finishing touches on a project in Stockholm County consisting of four buildings, with a total area of 3250 m2, and hope to be able to announce finishing the project very soon. We also have an ongoing project in Huddinge Parish, consisting of three apartment buildings, which is set to be completed this autumn.

New residential apartment building project in Sweden

We have been actively working on Karlskrona, a new residential modular apartment building project in Sweden. The project seeks to provide affordable housing without making compromises in construction quality. The project is set to be produced in five stages, each consisting of one building. The first stage is set to be completed by the end of 2019. It has been a great example of how modular construction, in collaboration with the client, should be conducted, and we are very excited to be a part of this great project.

We have a busy second half of the year coming up

With plenty of projects in different stages of completion, and new projects coming up, we are set for a busy and exciting end to the year. You can follow our blog for more announcements and updates on our projects, news about modular construction, and more.

Want to collaborate with us in creating new, exciting modular construction projects? We are always looking out for new partnerships. For more information, contact us!

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