Astel Modular is entering the Norwegian market with three new projects this year

Astel Modular is entering the Norwegian market with three new projects this year

Astel Modular is entering the Norwegian market with three new projects this year

Having gathered extensive experience on the Swedish and Finnish modular construction market, Astel is now entering the Norwegian market. We will start with three projects in 2019 – one in the spring, one in the summer, and one at the end of the year.

The first project is an apartment building with a total of 52 apartments in a ski resort in central Norway. The apartment building is constructed with the purpose to provide long term accommodation for the resort employees.

In addition to the apartments, the building has a common area with a kitchen, a gym, a laundry room, and leisure facilities. As a standard practice, Astel builds the project as a turnkey solution – we complete the modules in the factory as fully finished and furnished units. This solution includes the installation works and handover to the end client.

Extensive experience in the Scandinavian market

Having built several turnkey projects for Scandinavian clients in recent years, Astel is eager to move to the Norwegian market. This project is a great way to get to know the standards, processes, and customs of the Norwegian construction market. Our customer is a developer of residential real estate and hotels, we consult our proposed solutions with the local experts, and the modules will be built according to the Norwegian construction standard NS 8407 to ensure a smooth construction process and handover. We are confident to provide a successful result.

The project is a great addition to our Scandinavian modular building portfolio, which already includes:

  • ICON Kristalli Ilves – one of the largest modular apartment building projects in Finland, with 300 apartments in 9 buildings
  • 102 rental apartments in 8 apartment buildings in Danderyd, Stockholm
  • An apartment building with 22 turnkey rental apartments in Södermalm
  • Modular apartment buildings in Solna consisting of 112 turnkey apartments.

We are happy to implement our knowledge and experiences to provide sustainable and high-quality modular buildings for our Scandinavian clients and all over Europe.

The modular advantage

Modular construction has the timeframe advantage that is impossible with on-site construction. The crew starts building the foundation and doing the groundwork on the site simultaneously with our factory workers, who assemble the prefab modules. Total time savings add up to 30-50% when compared to on-site construction. With the help of modular construction, we are able to start the manufacturing of prefabricated modules at the beginning of the summer, transport the modules to Norway with trucks and ships, mount them onto the foundation, and have the project finished by autumn before the new skiing season begins.

Interested in large scale modular buildings?

Astel Modular produces large scale modular buildings for the Scandinavian market – hotels, apartment buildings, motels, public housing, etc. If you want to build your next project in a short time and with a reasonable price, our consultants are ready to discuss with you, how you can achieve your goals with modular construction.

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