Astel Modular is the best paying modular buildings manufacturer in Estonia

Astel Modular is the best paying modular buildings manufacturer in Estonia

Astel Modular is the best paying modular buildings manufacturer in Estonia

Every year Estonia’s most renowned business newspaper, Äripäev, ranks businesses by the salaries. The rankings are then divided by the field of activity analysed, and ranked again to get the bigger picture.

In 2018, the best paying construction materials manufacturer in Estonia was Astel Modular.

This is a proof of our ambition to constantly grow, but to also value the efforts of our dedicated specialists who make the production of high-quality modular buildings possible in the first place.

The salary ranking indicates the state of companies

If a company is doing well, then it has something to share with its workers. Salary rankings is a great indicator of a company’s vision, goals and business ethics – great work deserves a salary to match it.

But salaries were not the only thing to grow in 2018. At the same time, in comparison to 2017, we managed to grow our profits 11.1 times. This is a great achievement and has been a great springboard for even more growth in 2019.

We take great pride in our work, and these numbers show that our modular buildings are in high regard on the Scandinavian markets – Sweden, Norway, and Finland – where most of our production finds its home.

Dedicated and valued workers are the secret to high quality

Every investment in our workforce benefits our clients. When specialists feel valued, are paid well, and have a great work environment, the results speak for themselves. Teamed with a  standardized production management system, stable suppliers, and a controlled production environment, we have the recipe for the best modular buildings on the market.

Excited for 2020?

Our activity over the past two years has seen us grow rapidly, expand to new markets and establish new partnerships with clients whose vision of modular building projects matches with ours. We are looking forward to 2020, with its promise of continually growing projects, because we firmly believe that modular buildings are the only sustainable way forward. Want to be a part of this growth and discuss how modular construction could benefit your next project? Contact our specialists and let’s make great things happen.

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