Astel will produce modular apartment buildings according to Miljöbyggnad Silver specifications

Astel will produce modular apartment buildings according to Miljöbyggnad Silver specifications

Astel will produce modular apartment buildings according to Miljöbyggnad Silver specifications

Astel Modular has reached an agreement with Andersson Company Byggnads AB to produce new apartment buildings in the Stockholm area. The planning works have begun and the works are set to be carried out in 2020. The total volume of the project is 5500 m2 and the project consists of two buildings, to be completed in succession.

The Andersson Company is highly regarded in Stockholm, and Sweden in general, creating beautiful homes with the goal of positively affecting society. Astel Modular is glad to share this vision and meet the high quality standards that Andersson Company has become famous for.

The new apartments meet the requirements of Mijöbyggnad Silver specifications

As sustainability is one of the goals of both companies, the new apartment buildings are designed to meet the Silver level of Miljöbyggnad specifications.

Miljöbyggnad is a Swedish environmental certification for buildings. To meet the strict Miljöbyggnad criteria, build production and construction is reviewed by a third party, the Sweden Green Building Council, to assess environmental performance.

This review covers a total of sixteen different values that are thoroughly assessed, both at an initial inspection, and at a follow-up inspection conducted two years later to ensure everything continues to work properly.

The most important criteria are related to the indoor environment – air quality, ventilation, nitrogen dioxide and radon levels, etc. Building’s energy efficiency and construction materials are also reviewed and assessed.

Three levels for the Miljöbyggnad certification – Gold, Silver and Bronze

There Miljöbyggnad certification has three levels – Gold, Silver and Bronze. The Bronze level means that a building has been built according to legal requirements and recommendations.

Silver certification means that the building is performing well above legal standards, and is generally the target for all new buildings that are aspiring to attain the Miljöbyggnad certificate. It’s a testament that the developer, producer and the construction company are involved in solving environmental issues and caring about the building’s own living environment and inhabitants. The more important criteria which set the Silver level apart from Bronze are better sun protection, a better sound environment and high-quality ventilation.

Gold-level requirements are set even higher, and take into account the opinions of a building’s inhabitants. After two years of living or working in a structure, its occupants have to decide that the building is worthy of the Gold standard.

Astel Modular and the Andersson Company have set out to meet the Silver certification criteria. Modular construction, attention to a healthy indoor climate and environmentally friendly construction methods make it possible to do so.

Astel – sustainable and environmentally friendly modular buildings

The only way forward in construction is sustainability. Caring about the living environment and producing buildings in an environmentally friendly way is what Astel has done for decades. As the requirements for construction quality, energy efficiency and environmental awareness become ever more strict and demanding, it’s time to have a look at what modular construction has to offer compared to traditional on-site construction. Contact us – we will gladly show you the way.

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