A new challenge – design and manufacturing of 8-9 floor wood frame buildings

A new challenge – design and manufacturing of 8-9 floor wood frame buildings

A new challenge – design and manufacturing of 8-9 floor wood frame buildings

Astel Modular, in collaboration with residential buildings developer Norrterna, has taken on the challenge to design and manufacture wooden buildings that are 8-9 floor high for the new apartment building projects in Karlskrona. When completed, this will be a great feat. Although the wooden construction technologies are evolving rapidly, it is uncommon to see wooden buildings over 5 storeys high.

The height is not an issue

Wooden buildings are climbing into new heights, with hybrid technologies coming into play. Today, the highest wooden building is the Mjøstårnet in Brumunddal near Oslo, that stands 18 storeys high. To add stability to the structure, the decks from the tenth floor and upward are made of concrete, the first ten floors are made of prefabricated wooden elements.

The buildings that we are designing are a bit different, firstly because we are not using timber elements but fully manufactured modules with a timber frame. This means that the structural integrity of the buildings is depending on the quality of each individual module.

The goal is to use sustainable construction techniques and materials and get a high-end result while keeping the costs down. Both us and Norrterna are aware that the prices of luxurious apartments are currently inflated across the world and the main goal of the project is to make a comfortable living environment affordable. But in order to keep up with the high standards, quality control needs to be spot on.

Our quality management principles

There are some things that need to be done by the book. In our practice, highly efficient quality management is the key to the longevity of wooden buildings. That’s why we never make compromises in the quality control processes and strictly control the internal climate of our production facilities.

Astel Modular is accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards for production of modular buildings.

We carry out documented internal controls

  • Humidity checks of the raw materials and built structures before packaging, humidity checks before construction work on site.
  • Internal climate control of the production facilities (temperature and humidity) which is logged throughout the construction process
  • Testing of the systems before the packaging by an in-house inspector

Production supervision is conducted in agreement with the client

  • We carry out the standard checks (humidity, fire protection, etc.)
  • We can carry out client-specific additional check

All of the modules are tested in the factory by an in-house inspector following a checklist and the supervision agreement. We carry out the following tests at the factory:

  • Airtightness (usually carried out on 10% of the modules). The results are in the range of 0.15-0.3 liters per second per m².
  • Soundproofing
  • Air flow
  • Sewerage system (video footage)
  • Electronics and wiring, including electrical appliances, lamps and sockets.
  • Pressure tests of water and heating pipes according to protocol.

We check the documentation of the raw materials at purchasing, to make sure all of the materials are CE certified, tested, and approved.

We leave nothing to chance and that’s why our buildings pass the local inspections on the first try, leading to trouble-free handovers and good client relations.

Leading the way for prefabricated modular buildings

Modular construction in construction business is the way forward. It offers a flexible, cost-efficient, environmentally friendly and fast way to create any kind of structures. We are a reliable partner to our customers and suppliers all over Europe.

We are always seeking for progressive and innovative partners like Norrterna to come up with solutions that are leading the field of construction into a new, sustainable direction.

Interested in making a change and building in a more sustainable way? Let us know!

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